A Guide To Decorating Your Child's Room

Children’s bedrooms are not just places to sleep; they are sanctuaries for imagination, growth, and comfort. I love the challenge of creating spaces that are both functional and whimsical, tailored to a child’s evolving needs and vibrant imagination.

We recently shared our top tips on how to design the perfect kids room with The Wedding Edition

Georgian house children's room with twin beds
A Guide To Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery
It’s important your child's bedroom works for the parents as well as your little one
Prints in Bobbin frames
Once you’ve determined your colours, you can start to build out your scheme with varying hues, textures and pattern

Where to start; The Colour Palette

We often suggest starting your design by selecting your main colour weather that’s a calming green or a soft rhubarb, and then building the colour palette out from there. Once you’ve got your main colour, think about adding in a contrasting colour. This is where you’ll add subtle nods to that tone through the use of accessories. If you’re unsure of which contrasting colour may work, refer to a colour wheel to build your scheme. A colour wheel’s segmentation is there to help you create palettes with varying degrees of contrast and most paint manufacturers now provide this information. You can browse colours online or on a paint chart, and they will suggest colour combinations for you. 

Once you’ve determined your colours, you can start to build out your scheme with varying hues, textures and pattern through things like your soft furnishings, artworks, décor accessories like rugs, artwork etc.

Convertible Cot from Pottery Barn Kids
Convertible Cot from Pottery Barn Kids
Andrew Martin Huntsman Cushion
Andrew Martin Huntsman Cushion
Felt mobile from Woollen Tenderness
Twin bedrooms in a childrens room
When designing a nursery or children's room, it’s really important that it’s comfortable


We always like to pair soft roman blinds with curtains, and blackout lining is an absolute must. No one wants to be woken at 4am by their baby in the summer months because of light peeping in through the windows. Curtains are easy to draw quickly for privacy and a blackout blind will help with light pollution as well as being an extra space to bring in another texture. For a more luxurious feel we recommend interlining drapes to add an opulent thickness and interlining can make curtains and blinds more lightproof, temperature proof, and even soundproof when used correctly. For the crème de la crème, we love installing motorised blinds and curtains, so that you can open them at the touch of a button. 

Window treatments are usually left to the end when decorating. However, we feel that they are one of the most important touches in a space. They finish a room and bring the whole area together, so we always suggest including a budget for these from the outset. 

Little girls bedroom design
Soft roman blind paired with linen curtains
A nursery design for a little boy
Adding a pelmet can add elegance to a space and elongate a window
Dusky patterned curtains can create a real softness


The most important furniture you’ll need in a nursery is of course a cot for your little one. Think about using one which can be adapted as they grow; from lowering the bed height to eventually being able to remove the sides and turning into a bed once they’re a toddler. Setting up your changing table on top of a chest of drawers is a great way to save space. Not only can you use the drawers for all their tiny clothes, but the top one is perfect for holding nappies, creams and all those essentials in getting them ready or dressed.

Children's nursery with wallpapered ceiling and Cole & Son Sweet Pea wallpaper
Setting up your changing table on top of a chest of drawers is a great way to save space

If you really want to splurge, bespoke cabinetry is perfect for tight spaces and for maximising the space you have and we believe you can never have enough storage when it comes to kids! Most importantly, cabinetry can be designed with personality to make them one of a kind for your little one. Creating nooks and areas in unexpected places. 

Children's bedroom wardrobe
Bespoke cabinetry is perfect for tight spaces and for maximising the space you have

It’s all in the detail

Sometimes it’s all in the details. Putting the finishing touches on your nursery shelf styling is pretty and practical. As your baby grows, your use of shelving may change and it’s a lovely way to add personality to a space. Camilla Hampton’s wooden scallop edging options are an easy and affordable way to achieve the look. Whether used to edge shelving or frame a door, they can be painted in any colour to work with your space.

Shelving is a lovely way to add personality to a space
John Lewis Hem Green Chest of Drawers
John Lewis Hem Blue Chest of Drawers
Camilla Hampton Scallop Trim
Camilla Hampton Scallop Trim
Green Scalloped Wall Storage Shelf
Green Scalloped Wall Storage Shelf


Lights add a finishing touch to a bedroom: they can add character or blend in elegantly with the overall décor. We suggest, where possible, having at least one low-level lamp in the room for a relaxed atmosphere paired with a pendant either installed in the centre of the room or above a special area such as a reading nook. Always have your lighting circuit on a dimmer so your little one can wind down at the end of the day rather than using bright spot lights which can shine into your baby’s eyes.

Childrens room storage and cabinetry
Maximising storage in a children's room is a must

Tips & ideas

Budget Friendly Wall Decor

If you don’t have the budget for wallpaper, removable decals or murals are a low-cost way to inject a bit of your little one’s personality into a nursery. Nowadays, these are cleanly removable so when it’s time for a change you can redecorate in a matter of minutes.

Tulip Wall Stickers
Fabric Scallop Edge Wall Stickers
Fabric Scallop Edge Wall Stickers
Strawberry wall stickers
Strawberry Wall Stickers

Safety First

Above all, when designing your nursery, safety is paramount. Always think about what’s in reach of your little one. When finalising your nursery, check these areas:

Don’t place furniture or cots near windows where children can climb up and access the blind cords. Blinds should always be installed with a discreet little cleat or hook for the cord to wrap around, so there are no loose strings. 

Cot bumpers can pose a threat to babies once they begin to roll and move around their cot.

Mobiles should always be placed out of reach of your child. If the items attached to the mobile have small parts and are not firmly attached, they could potentially pose a choking hazard should they come loose or be pulled off. 

Creating a cosy sancturary for your little one

DIY & personal touch

Handmade Decor 

We’re huge fans of adding a personal touch, whether that’s a homemade felt cot mobile like the owner Anna Moss of Moss Living made for her son’s bedroom or a patchwork blanket. These can add a beautiful finishing touch to a room as well as a sentimental story. 

Personalised Blanket
Personalised Blanket
Handmade Cot Mobile
Handmade Cot Mobile


Your child’s nursery is the one room which can be very personal to them. Think about including a page from a favourite book as a print on the wall. Alternatively have their name hand-painted on the door or use their initial made from a fabric block on a shelf.  

Felt Name Banner Personalised Name Garland
Felt Personalised Name Garland
Personalised Letter Giclée Print
Personalised Letter Giclée Print
Children's name door plaque
Hand-painted door plaque

Above all, designing your child's nursery is a very special opportunity to create a space that is personal to them, as well as to you. It’s a place in which you will spend a lot of time and cherish life-changing moments with them, so enjoy the process!

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Anna Moss, interior designer
Anna Moss, interior designer

Photography: Lucy Walters 


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