Creating a gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall is a lovely way to showcase incredible memories and sentimental artwork at the same time as transforming an empty space in your home. The hardest thing is choosing your favourite photos and prints, but the thing I love about it is that you can keep adding to a gallery wall.

We created our gallery wall up our staircase. Our house possesses huge high ceilings, and in particular, the staircase is a never ending space.

How to create a gallery wall


Creating a gallery wall is simple. Follow these 4 easy steps to create your own:

Step 1: Select your prints and your frames

Start collecting your art or photos and choose suitable frames appropriate for your home. All of our frames are black. However, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate a mix of colours and textures. There’s a broad range available from reliable, sturdy Ikea frames to glass hanging frames.

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Then decide if you want to create a uniform look or more of a random arrangement. A more uniformed layout works best for frames that are the same size whereas an organic arrangement is good for different sized collections.

Step 2: The final arrangement 

It’s best to lay your frames on the floor and when you’re happy with the layout, use paper to draft your gallery onto your wall so you know where to place each frame.

Step 3: Hang your frames 

Simply use a tape measure to measure the distance from the top of the frame to the hook. Transfer the measurement to the wall and make a mark of where you need to position your hook. I find that picture hanging hooks work best without damaging the wall. For heavier frames, you’ll need to drill a hole into the wall and insert a wall plug and screw a fixing into place.

Step 4: Enjoy

The greatest thing about a gallery wall is that things can be added, changed and moved around so you can fill it with the things you love.

The wall colour will play a key role in how your gallery looks. We created our gallery wall against a deep background: Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue. I think the contrast between the black frames, white mounts and dark wall works really well and adds drama to our home.


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