E-Design Service


Our e-design offering is an approachable and convenient alternative to a full interior design service.

It’s a fully virtual service which gives you access to our expertise all from the comfort of your own home. It’s for those who are looking for design direction but are happy to implement the work themselves in their own time. We’ll ask you for relevant information about your space including measurements, photographs and any special requirements prior to starting.

Once you’re booked in, we’ll arrange a 30-minute call to learn more about your project, after which, we’ll then present back the following:

  • Mood board to define the overall look and feel
  • Floor plan + layout plan to get the most use out of your room
  • Colour palette recommendation
  • Finishes and architectural detail suggestions
  • Personalised shopping list of up to 20 items for your room for suggested furniture and accessories

Simply book our e-design package today by filling out a questionnaire. Or find out about our other services here.




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