Krilling me softly; Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow

A review of Prawn on the Lawn

This little gem was recommended to us by a friend and because we had no expectation of what to envisage, it was intriguing from the moment we walked in and it didn’t disappoint. Having walked past it twice thinking it was a fishmongers, when we did finally walk into the Prawn on the Lawn, the tiled walls, copper lighting and blackboards with an array of unusual wine available made us feel very at home.

The first thing which sets it apart from the competition was their menu which highlights where all of their produce comes from, right down to their suppliers’ names and the location it’s grown, made or produced. So you know you’re eating local food and supporting the surrounding area.

Secondly, the menu changes every single day. Eating what’s in season is not only sustainable but seasonal tastes better. The menu that day included ray wing, razor clams, skate, crab and oysters to name a few. Each dish is created with a nod to authentic flavours from Thailand, Japan and China and their menu is made up of of a range of sharing plates as well as some larger options like a whole lobster – all of which are very reasonable. You can also choose anything from the fish counter and they’ll cook it for you to your taste.

Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow
Thai green scallops
Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow
Szechuan pepper prawns
Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow
Chinese razor clams

We followed a selection of small plates with a crab to share with a butter and lime sauce. It was phenomenal and great value too.

Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow

We over ordered (as per usual!), but ate every last mouthful. And the crunchy potatoes, which are triple fried and coated in a special secret mixture of 15 spices are still making me drool. I’ve tried recreating them but with no luck! Any tips welcome…

Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow

Katie and Rick have created a cosy sanctuary delivering plates with punchy flavours, creativity and charm using the finest, in season produce from around. And the good news is, if you’re not planning on heading down to Cornwall anytime soon, there’s a Prawn on the Lawn in Islington, London.

Book ahead.

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