Upcycling: Bedside drawers

Looking for new furniture but don’t have the budget to buy new? Think about either adapting what you’ve got or looking through second hand sites like Gumtree and Freecycle for brilliant furniture to upcycle. I also recently came across Freegle which seems to have more products listed than Freecycle.

Having picked up some solid Ducal pine tables from a lovely couple on Gumtree, it was time to start upcycling. As you can see they were rather dated but still in good condition.

    1. Start by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of anything you’re planning to paint with sugar soap which can be purchased from any hardware store. The sugar soap will also help the paint you apply adhere.
    2. A chalk based paint will stick to pretty much any surface so there’s no need to get the sander out. The Autentico Velvet paint range is ideal for creating a matte effect. The Autentico Chalk Paints come in a variety of finishes including Vintage for aging and distressing your furniture, Venice for a rustic and textured finish and Esterno which is an exterior paint. Annie Sloane also produces a great quality chalk paint.On this project Autentico Velvet Bright White paint was used and two coats applied.
    3. Once completely dry, a clear chalk wax can be applied with a brush or buffed on with a cloth to finish the surface. This will also help protect the furniture making it more durable. If you want to, you can use a coloured chalk wax to create a different effect.


Upcycling bedside tables

Upcycling is a brilliant way to bring old furniture to life. It’s incredible cost effective at the same time as being therapeutic!

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