Delicious and simple vegetable curry recipes

Here are some delicious vegetable curry recipes for you to try at home

Stuck for something to cook for dinner which doesn’t involve meat? These simple vegetarian curries are easy to make and are a great source of greens.

All of the dishes can be frozen for a quick bite to eat at a later date.

Sag paneer recipe

Tip: If you’re using frozen spinach, allow it to defrost, drain thoroughly and dry out before use – you’ll be surprised at how much liquid comes out.

Roasted cauliflower dhal recipe

Tip: If you can get hold of one, use a romanesco cauliflower which not only looks beautiful but also tastes delicious with a sweet nuttiness. (Cut it into chunky florets to preserve the pattern).

Chana masala recipe

Tip: If you’ve got some tins of chickpeas lurking in the back of your cupboard, this spicy Indian dish is packed full of goodness and no special ingredients needed. Great served with basmati rice. Make sure you get all of your ingredients ready beforehand as the recipe is fast paced.

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