Wild garlic butter recipe

Found in shaded woodlands close to water, wild garlic is perfect for adding flavour to your spring and summer dishes. You can swap it where you’d usually use garlic cloves such as garlic bread, making aioli or chicken kievs. Whilst the wild garlic season is short, you can preserve wild garlic butter for use throughout the rest of the year. This is one of the easiest recipes to make as well so make a big batch and freeze it for the months to come.

  • 2 x 250g blocks of unsalted butter, softened
  • 70g wild garlic leaves
  • Flaked sea salt
    • To store in the freezer:
      • Greaseproof paper
      • Cling film
      • String
  1. Wash and dry the wild garlic leaves, then finely chop. Use a very sharp knife to avoid mashing the leaves.
  2. Add the leaves to the butter and mix gently until well incorporated.
  3. Line two pieces of greaseproof paper (each 40cm x 20cm) out onto your work surface and divide the butter evenly between the two pieces, spooning into a log shape. Roll it up snug, twisting the ends round. Repeat for the other log.
  4. Tie the ends with string and then wrap the log in a layer of cling film to completely seal the butter. Store in the freezer.

When needed, remove it from the freezer 10 minutes before use. Unwrap and slice off what you need. Then return to the freezer. Add on top of steaks, freshly roasted new potatoes or use sautéed with French beans.




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